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…for the 2000 National College Football Tour!

Look for us in your community this 2000 college football season!!
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Meadowlands:  Penn St. vs. USC

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Notre Dame:  Nebraska vs. Notre Dame

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Fans discussing the future of college football with Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit

It is our pleasure to take the opportunity to say thank you for all the support from knowledgeable fans in favor of a college football playoff!

  It is now time for the fans to receive what they desire and demand!  Not only the …

National Championship Bowl Tournament

….but also much more!

3mSports #1 Business Goal:

“Give back to the fans and their communities”

  Tentative Schedule:

Date/Day/TV Station Travel Area/City of Game Teams
·     08/23/00 – Wednesday NCAA Headquarters (Indianapolis) Met with Cedric Dempsey to discuss Div IA playoffs
·         08/27/00 – Sunday [ABC]  NJ (East Rutherford – Meadowlands) Penn St. vs. USC
·         08/31/00 – Thursday [WGN radio] NJ/NYC to Chicago Northwestern vs. N. Illinois University
·         09/02/00 – Saturday [NBC] Chicago to Indiana (South Bend) Notre Dame vs. Texas A&M
·         09/09/00 – Saturday [NBC] Indiana (South Bend) Notre Dame vs. Nebraska
·         09/16/00 – Saturday [CBS]

Indiana to Tennessee (Knoxville) 

Tennessee vs. U. of Florida 

·         09/23/00 – Saturday

Tennessee to Ohio (Columbus)

Ohio St. vs Penn St.

·         09/30/00 – Saturday [FOX]

Ohio to Michigan (Ann Arbor)

Michigan vs. Wisconsin 

·         10/07/00 – Saturday Michigan to Georgia (Athens) Georgia vs. Tennessee 
·         10/14/00 – Saturday  Athens, GA to Manhattan, KS Kansas State vs. Oklahoma
·         10/21/00 – Saturday  Kansas to Washington, D.C. NCAA Meeting
·         10/28/00 – Saturday (ABC) Washington, D.C. to Norman, OK Oklahoma vs. Nebraska
·         11/04/00 – Saturday Norman OK to Lincoln, NE Nebraska vs. Kansas
·         11/11/00 – Saturday  Lincoln, NE to Manhattan, KS Kansas St. vs. Nebraska
·         11/18/00 – Saturday  Manhattan, KS to Columbia, MO Kansas St. vs. Missouri
·         11/24/00 – Friday  Columbia, MO to Austin, TX Texas A&M vs. Texas
·         12/02/00 – Saturday  Austin, TX to Kansas City, MO Big 12 Championship
·         1/03/01 – Wednesday  TBA TBA

2000 Tour Notes: 

"The 9-9-00 Nebraska vs. Notre Dame game is a prime example of the severely flawed BcS Overtimes arrangement. This truly exciting contest at the beginning of the season was 21-21 at the end of regulation - and should have remained as such in the regular season - thereby allowing both teams, in that hard fought and rare and somewhat satisfying battle between two teams refusing to lose, to continue to stay in contention for and vye for the National Championship. The BcS overtimes arrangement emphasizes red zone offense vs. goal line defense, as opposed to the fundamentals of the game: field position, team offense and defense, and special teams, among others. Furthermore, the present overtimes configuration provides an unfair advantage to the winner of the coin toss with a 63 plus winning percentage. Outcome of the game: Nebraska wins the overtimes coin toss and wins the game with a touchdown after starting at the 25 yard line, after Notre Dame is only able to muster a field goal. Ramifications of this overtime: Notre Dame's hope and hunger to continue their winning traditions and bring a National Championship back to South Bend this year are all but shattered. As stated in another section, overtimes in the regular season are completely unnecessary. Both of these teams played a terrific game and deserved to walk off the field with that dignity.

9-16-00  Florida @ Tennessee
Why should the loser of this annual, early-season grudge match be essentially eliminated from a run at a national championship?
Reducing a team's spirit and motivation by, in most respects, negating the possibility to attain the ultimate goal of a National Championship is just another of the innumerable weaknesses, disadvantages, and flaws of the current college football system.
The above would not happen with the one and only system that both matters and works:  National Championship Bowl Tournament (NCBT).  Teams are encouraged to schedule capable and worthy opponents throughout their entire season, including early contests - and although it is a battle to make it to the postseason of the NCBT, one loss will not eliminate the chances of ultimately winning a national championship  - because...
    Champions are determined on the field!


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