2001 Bowl Analysis

2001 Bowl Analysis


This year, there were (11) 6-5 teams + 5-6 North Texas to make it into the postseason;


while (10) teams with 7 or more wins, including 9-3 Hawaii, were left out!


Ask yourself, why?  BcS anarchy galore!


There are 117 total teams participating in Division IA – 62 in the Big6 and 55 in the Other Conferences plus the Independents (OCI). 

Of all the teams in the Big6 with a winning record, ALL went to the postseason except:

-         Wake Forest (6-5): 6 of 9 ACC teams were already in.

-         Mississippi (7-4): bypassed for 6-5 Alabama, and 8 of 12 SEC teams already in.

-         UCLA (7-4): refused invitation due to bowl arrangement as pay-to-play.


By contrast, three Independents alone with winning records did not make it into the postseason – in fact, NO Independents made it into a Bowl.  The total number of OCI teams with winning records to not make it into the postseason was 15!


The BcS is a travesty, and that at it’s best!


So how many teams in these two separate groups made it to one of (25) total Bowls?

Big6:    38

OCI:    12

And, by the way, the number of OCI teams in one of the (4) big-payday BcS Bowls was ZERO!  But wait, here comes the kicker:

Total proceeds for all Bowls equal $160.9 million, where BcS payouts alone are $108 million.

OCI Bowl Revenues:                                 $  10.15  million                       

Big6 Bowl Revenues:                                 $150.75 million                 


This means that the Big6 will receive approx. an astounding 94% of 2001 Bowl payouts!


The very definition of the BcS is disparity and inequality and unfairness; and this disparity is ruining the great game of college football.  Teams in the lower conferences simply cannot compete in such an environment.  BcS administrators are destroying college football; and they have recently begun to reshape other sports in their favor as well – they MUST be stopped!


What they do is so wrong!

So tell me,

When will it be over?

How soon?


How far must they go?

With no regrets, no compassion,

they only know hit and run.

So our sadness turns to rage …


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