BCS History

 What is the BCS and the History of Bowl Alliances?

We need go no further back than 10 years at a maximum to analyze the history of the alliances of bowls. 


1)     Pre-Coalition Bowl Postseason

2)     ’92 Bowl Coalition

3)     Super Alliance

4)     Bowl Alliance

5)     BCS


That’s FIVE different systems in less than TEN years!


Anyone stating reservations against the implementation of a Div. IA college football playoff due to current contractual obligations is either ignorant to the facts or simply declaring falsehoods for the sake of confusing the issue.  Clearly, it has been shown that network contracts may be nullified and/or changed, even to the detriment of selected networks, at the discretion and whim of those currently in control of IA college football.


·         CollegeFootballDigest  6-20-2000                 Tweaking the BCS

In 2000, nearly a dozen schools have rearranged their non-conference games, in effect dumbing down their schedules to avoid teams that can give them a loss to factor into the BCS formula.  And why not?  The difference between an at-large BCS bid and a premiere non-BCS bowl invitation is about $12 million, according to last year’s bowl payoffs.  Do the math.  BCS encourages quality teams to not extend themselves.  It’s all B.S.  ABC’s Big Choice.  Clearly one of the problems with this trend is the loss of compelling contests to televise during the early part of the college football season. 

ABC Big Ten choices for September 2nd:

            Middle Tennessee State  at  Illinois

            Bowling Green  at  Michigan

            Louisiana Monroe  at  Minnesota

            Fresno State  at  Ohio State

            Toledo  at  Penn State

            Central Michigan  at  Purdue


How would you like to be ESPN and ESPN2 and get the second or third choice from this?  The following week, ABC and FOX will show three games from the Big 12:

            UNLV  at  Iowa State

            Arkansas State  at Oklahoma

            Louisiana Lafayette  at  Texas

            Wyoming  at  Texas A&M

            North Texas  at  Texas Tech

It looks like we might see some bad TV in September and bad TV leads to bad ratings and shrinking TV contracts.  And TV contracts finance college football.  More importantly, scheduling for mismatches hurts the integrity of college football by reducing the opportunity for one important factor, competition.  Fix the formula.


·         Mediaweek  8-5-96              Bowl Alliance Awards contract to ABC Sports

In a major setback for CBS Sports, college football’s Bowl Alliance has awarded the Rose Bowl and three other major bowl games to ABC Sports in a $500 million, seven-year rights deal.  The new deal will essentially nullify a six-year rights deal that favored CBS.


·  10-14-98            Alternate Acronyms for the BCS

ü     Blatantly Corrupt System

ü     Big Cheesy Series

ü     Best College, Screwed

ü     Bowl Championship Sucks

ü     Big Computerized Screw  

  Now you know why they call it the BCS?

Because ABCS would be too obvious.

What a bunch of BCS!


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