The articles and quotes regarding a college football playoff that are available to the public are endless in their amount and enthusiasm, or outright demand, for a fair system to determine the national championship each year by use of a tournament. The following are but a few:

Herman Frazier, president of the Fiesta Bowl, says "I think thereís always going to be criticism of anything like this (BCS) from people who want a true national championship."

"How can we go from being one point away, one play away from playing Tennessee for the national championship to playing Purdue in the Alamo Bowl?" Kansas State president Jon Wefald said. "They could have figured out a way to get us into a major bowl. We could have played Syracuse in the Orange Bowl, or we could have been in another bowl. I guess the BCS rankings only mean something for the top two teams. Thatís not right. They have to change."

Rep. Chet Edwards (D-TX): "I am a football fan who believes that the national championship for college football should be determined on the field rather than by computer rankings. I believe the idea of a college football playoff merits examination."

"A playoff makes enormous sense. It would mushroom the interest in college football, bring in more TV money, and turn into an avalanche of NCAA excitement that would contend with the NFL playoff." (St. Petersburg Times)

University of Florida football coach Steve Spurrier doesnít exactly turn cartwheels over the BCS configuration. "Anything short of a playoff is still a joke. Can you imagine the NFL going to the B-S-C, or whatever it is? Itís ridiculous. Itís a shame we canít find a way to have a real national champion in college football."


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