College Football Improvements

·         As a prelude to the Secondary Championship game, the SNOW BOWL (otherwise known as the Consolation Bowl) shall be played Christmas Eve day.  The teams of final rank #29 and #30 would be invited to this event, which would rotate each year to a new potentially snow-bound outdoor stadium.  Ticket prices for this game should be exceptionally low, and arenas would arm themselves as fan friendly against colder weather.  This scenario incorporates something new and different … an environment of fun, especially for the fans – and a more suitable number (in our base 10 society) for teams of final rank to qualify for the postseason: Top 30 [12 + 16 + 2]!  To further breakdown the 63/37 ratio, 63 = 37 + 26.  Although the number of Division I teams to make it to a postseason should most appropriately equal 37%, 26% shall suffice until that time.  30 teams ¸ 115 total  =  26%.


·         In regard to the Top 12 Championship tournament bracket, on a rotating basis, each of four sites will host a different round within a 4-year period where each particular site would host either the final four or the championship game every other year.  [For example, the Fiesta Bowl could host round 3 in 2001, round 1 in 2002, round 4 in 2003, and host round 2 in 2004, etc.]


·         INSTANT REPLAY is a must!  It’s this simple:  If the fans can see (on jumbotrons or home television sets) that a particular call was blatantly wrong; if the coaches can see this; if the players can see this; or if the administrators or any other person of significance can see this, then how is it that some of the most important decision makers on the field (or court, etc.) … namely the referees … are not allowed to see it.  It is not a difficult task to incorporate instant replay into today’s football in such a manner whereby the game’s flow is not interrupted. 


If a predetermined impartial observer deems it necessary to review a call/play which is pertinent to a game (as opposed to an irrelevant off-sides penalty), then the play may be reviewed for a maximum of 90 seconds, if there are no technical difficulties.  If a decision to switch the call in question cannot be made in the above time, then the play stands as it was originally called on the field.  If there are technical difficulties, then a referee’s timeout is accessed and a decision must be made by the end of this timeout.  Any equipment sabotage is cause for game disqualification; and there are no ramifications per participating teams if the impartial observer initiates this process, regardless of the outcome. 


Each coach may call a maximum of two disputes per half with a maximum of three per game, which shall include any necessary overtimes in postseason.  During a dispute, the play clock (and time clock if appropriate) will be temporarily suspended until there is a final decision, upon whence the clock(s) may need to be adjusted.  A head coach will need a timeout available in order to declare a dispute, which shall be signaled by the head coach throwing a specific red flag onto the field in a timely manner.  It is not possible for a head coach to dispute a call that has already been reversed; and if a dispute is upheld as originally called, then that head coach loses one timeout.  There are no team ramifications if a disputed call is reversed.


·         College football Thursday night games should be one of the best match-ups of that particular week.  Monday will no longer be the only popular weeknight for football.


·         Rules change:  Players shall no longer be considered down (and subsequent dead play) if their knee or body touches the ground without the opponent having touched the offensive player.  Field conditions, inclement weather, or the occasional stumble should not stop a player from a potentially exciting play – his adversary should!


·         To instill local team pride and loyalty, campus courts and fields should periodically be accessible to high school athletics.  Football, for instance, could easily accommodate high school varsity games during weeks where home teams either have a bye or are playing away.


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