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National Championship Bowl Tournament

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 NCAA Div. IA Football National Championship Playoff

 A college football Division I playoff will be the grandest and most spectacular annual sporting event in the United States, if not the world.  I-A college football is the only sport in any division in which the NCAA does not have a championship. In other words, 79 other championship tournaments have been justified, educationally or otherwise. Forcing reputations to be earned, Division IA playoffs would enhance rivalries and fundamental traditions, as well as the overall appeal of the sport itself.

A national championship college football playoff is an idea whose time has come. The patent approved proposal ‘Champions are Determined on the Field’ brings to rest any conflict concerning the method(s) of determining a national champion. Mythical champions and accompanying discussions of ‘what might have been’ or ‘what should have been’ will now be gone.

The system is not only protected, but also flawless!  The following are a few facts and ideas found in the proposal:

Allows for a meaningful season where the best records are rewarded, yet a loss will not necessarily eliminate a deserving team from a chance at the title; while simultaneously providing other credible teams an opportunity to compete for redemption.

Tradition is encouraged by utilizing various bowl sites for postseason play.

Final seedings and site pairings for the Top 12 tournament and the Next 16 bracket will be made public on Thanksgiving Day, with the playoffs to be held in the following weeks.  The Secondary Championship is played on Christmas Day and the National Championship game on New Years Day!  (A calendar of events that works and actually makes sense.)

Revenues would increase dramatically. College football will catch and surpass the NFL’s current TV rights deal of $2.2 Billion per year.  Increased revenue is a very important issue to universities, where approximately 75% of a university’s intercollegiate revenue is derived from football.  Furthermore, revenue allocation and revenue sharing methods fairly and consistently distribute funds generated by this playoff.

Research indicates that more than 4 out of 5 fans, practically 9 out of 10 student-athletes, and greater than 90% of IA administrators believe a playoff is necessary.

Unbiased rankings fairly seed teams in fundamentally the best possible manner – who you play, and how you play – so that the regular season becomes actually MORE meaningful.

Contenders step pretenders go away!


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