What are the Primary reasons a Div IA College Football Playoff is not already in place...

... and who Claims there are valid Reasons not to have a playoff?


Don’t be surprised

1.    Greed

            and an inability and unwillingness to distribute revenues fairly.

[3mSports’ revenue allocation and revenue sharing and distribution systems now fairly disburse funds to all participants based upon performance, thereby also intensifying competition … it’s all about the competition]


 2.                  “Playoffs would disrupt the bowls”

19 Jul 2000  Univ. of Mississippi AD                   “I do not support a college football playoff because I do not want to eliminate the bowls.  They have done great things for college football for a long time.”


[It’s called the …

National Championship Bowl TournamentTM

Bowl Tournament

Bowl Tournament

Champions are determined on the fieldTM

3.         A playoff would extend the season

18 Jul 2000  Ohio University Pres.       “If an acceptable system were provided, I would be in favor, however it seems regrettable to extend the season.”


24 Jul 2000  Univ. of Virginia AD     “I am totally in favor of a playoff.  I believe the current bowl system will eventually collapse as we currently have all the worst effects of a playoff without the benefits.  I find the argument that the players might miss some class laughable since we have expanded the baseball, volleyball, ect. Playoff pools to 64 teams.  These sports miss more class in one season than a football player would miss in a decade of competition.”

·         July 25, 2000      NCAA Football

The NCAA Division I Management Council recommended a one-time waver that will allow schools to play in one of four preseason football games in addition to 12 regular-season games in 2002.  The NCAA in 1999 allowed schools to schedule 12 regular-season games staring in 2002.



            4.  A I-A playoff would hinder revenues for lower divisions

The Chronicle of Higher Education 2000

Division II officials will be deciding how best to spend their $1.7 million cut of a $40 million lump sum the NCAA will receive from CBS Sports to televise the Division I’s men’s basketball tournament. 


[The National Championship Bowl Tournament ‘Calendar of Events’ actually promotes and enhances the lower Division’s Championships and opening weeks]


            5.        Ignorance and arrogance

·         Editorial by Rick Taylor, Director of Athletics, Northwestern University

We must remember that football is not a sport that lends itself easily to a tournament format. Teams would be unwilling and unable to arrive at the game sites days in advance.  

[So how do all other levels of college and professional teams manage to do it?]  

What's wrong with having people argue about the flawed-but-wonderful world of college football?  Must we resolve everything?

[Then why resolve anything in life – let’s just have some fun and argue all the time … it’s scary to think of such a person’s relationships]

From an admittedly parochial view, why would the Big Ten want to give up the Rose Bowl?  We have no intention of relinquishing, assigning, or delegating the authority, direction or policy making over bowl games or revenue to any other party.

[Definition of parochial: limited in range or scope; to have a limited viewWe at 3mS had no idea we were living in tyranny!  The last we heard this was a thriving democracy utilizing capitalism and the progression of innovative ideas.]


·         26 July 2000  Duke Defensive Coordinator  

Who really cares who the National Champion is?  College football is about pleasing your alumni.  If you can provide a representative team and go to a bowl, most alumni are satisfied.

[Would Michael Jordan and his supporters be “satisfied” with simply a representative team and postseason exhibition game, or would there be a desire to excel to the peak of potential when it matters most?]


·         25 July 2000  Arizona State Head Coach

Nobody has put forward a valid reason for a playoff.  I do not consider “Div. I football is the only NCAA sport not to have a playoff system” as valid.

[Respectfully, we suggest an investment in a radio, television, computer, or perhaps even a book or course on Logic 101]



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