My name is Marc Mathews, Projects Director for CollegePlayoffs.comI would like to tell you a story – see the table below as an introduction. The story is sad and ugly and chock-full of negativity and difficulties of course, but I am committed to defining myself as a positive and uplifting soul; therefore, I will do my best to make it a story filled with wit and humor.

For the past 15 years, has been promoting a FAIR and patented playoff solution for FBS (I-A) college football; whereby any proceeds that may obtain would go back to those in need – NOT into the pockets of the greedy BCS Commissioners (or whatever new name they come up with) and those they pay for support.

Someone who once was a prominent media figure and former college football standout recently asked me if it was difficult being the ‘lone ranger’ (one who fights injustice) in regards to promoting a FAIR college football playoff, and I replied: “Hi-yo, BCS away!” Seriously, though, it sure would help to have a ‘Tonto’ to help gain a suitable opportunity. Are you someone can call ‘Kemosahbee’ (meaning faithful friend)?


The following is a sampling – a few names you may be familiar with – of requests from ( for acknowledgement and opportunity within this industry.




End Result

Graham Spanier

Former Chairman of BCS Presidential Oversight Committee; and Former PSU President

Lack of any response to correspondence efforts over the years from (via mail, phone, or email); and, this person would shut down public college football meetings at utterance of word ‘playoff’

Turned his back on me; then eventually ousted of both positions as a result of covering up pedophilia sexual assault complaint

Kirk Herbstreit +
Lee Corso +
Chris Fowler

ESPN Gameday Personnel

In 2000, personally handed each a formal proposal detailing info and philanthropic goals

Turned their backs on me; and continue to ignore and show disrespect regarding this important cause

Desmond Howard

Joined ESPN Gameday in 2005

In 2006, spoke with him in a public airport; he said: there is nothing wrong with college football; then physically turned and walked away

Turned his back on me; and continues to ignore and show disrespect regarding this important cause

Cedric Dempsey

Former NCAA President

Spoke face-to-face at NCAA Headquarters; never responded to further inquiries until he retired, then emailed ‘good luck’

Turned his back on me; then retired with no ramifications for not doing the right thing

Vada Manager

Former Nike Executive

Were to meet in skybox at Fiesta Bowl, but not one Nike rep showed up

Turned his back on me; then went on to another corporation

Dan Wetzel +
Josh Peter +
Jeff Passan

Authors of ‘Death to the BCS’

Never responded with appropriate actions to any of innumerable requests for acknowledgement within an article or other means of educating fans and concerned citizens

Before, during and after signing a book deal which mirrored the 2000 rhetoric of, they turned their backs on me

Kevin White

Former ASU and N.D. A.D.; now Duke Vice Pres.

Spoke face-to face at ASU; then he refused any access while he at Notre Dame

Turned his back on me; and continues to show disrespect

Terry Bowden

Former ABC Sports analyst

Communicated extensively; then abruptly stopped because I used the word ‘hell’ in an email

Turned his back on me; and continues to ignore and show disrespect

Dick Ebersol

Former NBC Sports Chairman

Spoke face-to-face; he said: too busy; then did not respond afterwards

Turned his back on me; and continues to show disrespect

Bernie Machen

University of Florida President

Emailed extensively; then refused to respond after, in my opinion, Gators were given special consideration

Turned his back on me; and continues to ignore and show disrespect

Trey Wingo

ESPN NFL Analyst

Emailed extensively; he wrote: ‘Go away’

Turned his back on me

Tom Osbourne

Former Head Football Coach of UNL and current Athletic Director

Spoke face-to-face after years of correspondence – admitted that he could not find even one flaw with plan – now supports UNL President Perlman and his anti-playoff stance

Tom was always kind to me – I just wonder why he would turn his back on me after respectful requests for his help, esp. as he was always in favor of a FAIR CFP

Steve Pederson

Former Univ. of Nebraska Athletic Director

In the summer of 2004, spoke face-to-face; then he never responded – I called 6 mos. later; he then called police to prohibit further communications

Turned his back on me; then was fired from NE for poor performance, but later hired as Univ. of Pittsburgh A.D.

James Carville

Political Consultant

Made numerous attempts to both James’ email and confirmed attempts with James’ personal assistant

Turned his back on me; and continues to ignore and show disrespect

Karl Benson

Former W.A.C. Commissioner

Spoke on phone: he said

“I have no authority”, then hung up

Turned his back on me; and continues to ignore and show disrespect

Wright Waters

Former Sun Belt Commissioner

Spoke on phone: he said “If you are not a billionaire, then you are unworthy of this venture”

Turned his back on me; and continues to ignore and show disrespect

Allan Fishel

Mountain West Conference Attorney

Spoke on phone: he said “Good luck (dismissive), but we are more deserving than any other non-BCS conference”

Turned his back on me; and continues to ignore and show disrespect regarding this important cause

Orrin Hatch +
Mark Shurtleff

Utah Senator and Attorney General

After abundance of info relayed to subordinates, they never responded

Turned their backs on me; and continues to ignore

Joe Barton

Texas Congressman

After wealth of info relayed to subordinates, he never responded

Turned his back on me; and continues to ignore

Christine Varney

Dept. of Justice Antitrust Division Asst. Atty. Gen.

After abundance of info relayed to subordinates, she never responded

Turned her back on me; and continues to ignore

Mark Cuban

Dallas Mavericks owner

After years of ongoing email correspondence, he states: give away playoff patent to public domain or to me so that I (MC) can take over college football playoff venture

Turned his back on me; and continues to ignore and show disrespect regarding this important cause

Barack Obama

President of the United States of America

Since 2008, many attempts to communicate goals/info of

Set aside end result for now - TBD

I ask you, what is not funny about getting doors slammed in your face after phone calls are blocked and respectful requests fall into a black hole … for simply making an effort to implement a FAIR college football playoff while giving away the proceeds from our patented solutions to those in need – the individual scenarios and this overall picture are downright hilarious.


The BCS and NCAA have known about our patent and solutions since 1997. And, there are more names than those listed above … but the results to date have been the same: not one person that is empowered on a national level has mentioned the site or offered any opportunity to anyone involved with while discussing the issue of a college football playoff.

Without hesitation, I openly declare that the BCS and their associates have blackballed me from relevant opportunities for these past 15 years. When I seek an opportunity while continuing to promote a FAIR playoff, no matter where I go or what I attempt to do, I am kept out – it is outlandish and completely inappropriate – strange but true.

My personal opinion in regards to men in positions of influence is, of course, less than flattering – what do you think of the above? Are these the actions of people any good-hearted person would want to associate with? Frankly, these people were more concerned with making million of dollars per year for themselves as opposed to clinging to morals and integrity by simply doing the right thing – and, if any of these persons says otherwise, then we can just ask how much that person got paid each year.


1. For the good of every participant, implement a FAIR college football playoff
2. Funnel all of our college football playoff-related proceeds to those in need
3. Provide ongoing proprietary unbiased rankings for football and other sports

Respectfully, we are requesting an opportunity to share this unbelievable and outrageous story … how can that be too much to ask?

Specifically, what are we asking you for? Any or all of the following:
› Spread the word: the goals of to displace the BCS
› Donations: every single dollar makes a difference (and will be accounted for)
› Legal expertise: influential plaintiff antitrust, constitutional, and patent law litigation
› Any other expertise: in order to promote and implement a FAIR CFP
› Contacts: ability to obtain relevant major media exposure
› Use of idle resources: such as waived fees towards a work location
› Email: to stating that you desire a FAIR CFP
› Petition: sign formal request for a FAIR CFP –


Penn State University’s board of trustees, which hired Freeh to conduct the Sandusky pedophilia probe, committed a "failure of governance" in creating an environment of NON-accountability. Freeh clearly explained that the failure at Penn State went from top-level administrators to the janitors who cleaned and maintained the locker room at the Lasch football building, where Sandusky committed many of his rapes.

"They [the janitors] witnessed what I think in the report is probably the most horrific rape that's described. And what do they do? They panic. The janitor who observed this said it's the worst thing he ever saw. This is a Korean War veteran who said, 'I've never seen anything like that. It makes me sick.' He spoke to the other janitors. They were alarmed and shocked by it. But what did they do? They said, 'We can't report this because we’ll get fired.'

They said it was like going against the president of the United States. “If that's the culture on the bottom, God help the culture at the top." Freeh said, "The board failed in its oversight of the senior officers of the universities. They did not create an atmosphere where the president and the senior officers felt they were accountable to the board." The board's failure continued all the way until Sandusky was charged, Freeh said.

The Spanier-Sandusky story clearly illuminates what has been up against. Although media members would periodically admit that they knew about both myself and, they could not proceed with an applicable article because “their job would be in jeopardy” – sounds like restriction of constitutional rights (freedom of the press and freedom of speech) – and that is exactly how it can be defined; no less than outright collusion.

Along with Roy Kramer, Spanier was the one of the central persons preventing any progressive development for a FAIR college football playoff throughout these 15 years; especially via the efforts of – truly, the only way that the greedy and grumpy old men of and supporting the BCS will be held accountable is for them to be formally charged – and that is where we can use some immediate help.


Do you remember some of the more important grievances that we, as Americans, had against King George III? He cut off trade, and he abolished helpful laws in favor of unfair taxation, and he made up new arbitrary laws for his own personal gain – funny or not, that is the definition of the BCS. And, centuries ago, what did we do about that problem?

We formed the Declaration of Independence and U. S. Constitution in order to ensure self-evident truths; most notably to establish justice, and to secure liberty for all persons for the present and future, and to guarantee that each and every American is given a FAIR chance at success within the economy in order to sustain positively.

So, what the hell happened over the last 200+ years? I realize that such a question is difficult to answer, but I do know that what we must do NOW is to hold the BCS and their supporters accountable – needs your assistance in order to do this – please help! All we have ever desired is to bring to fruition the most spectacular annual sporting event in the world – a FAIR college football playoff. Sincerely, we want to help others in need. What we absolutely don’t want is the BCS or anything they concoct.

And, please keep in mind the following in regards to a FAIR college football playoff (CFP):
1) There are no valid reservations against a FAIR CFP – not even one!
2) will give away their proceeds for a CFP to the needy!
3) Anything is better than what we have now ...


Definition of bull crap/shit: ‘something considered disgusting’.

The consensus is that there is now a ‘Big 5’ in college football; and incorporating their bowl tie-ins to either the old BCS system or their proposed new system simply clarified the growing divide between the “haves” and “have-nots” in college football.

University of Nebraska President Perlman recently quoted one of the tired old statements of the BCS again: “Controversy with college football is not bad. If we get a lot of people talking (negatively) about college football all year long, it’s great.” [No, it is unacceptable – what we need is equal opportunity for all participants, fair systems, compassion and inspiration – Perlman’s statement is like saying that it is better for a family to yell and scream in frustration and pain as opposed to living in peace]

“Any fool can make things more complex, but it takes courage to move in the opposite direction.” ~ Albert Einstein


The BCS is without doubt defined by all lies and no joy; negative talk and no progressive action. It was all greed while not saying the p-word; it is nothing more than suits stuffing money into one another’s pockets while saying that having a FAIR college football playoff – the most spectacular annual sporting event in the world – is a bad thing.

The Cotton Bowl President said the following statements.
In 2010: “A playoff of any sort will ruin the Cotton Bowl.”
In 2012: “Now that we have a (mini)-playoff, it is a great day for college football.”
[It just goes to show you that we really cannot trust greedy and grumpy old men]

Meanwhile, the BCS looks to be moving towards (4) super-conferences. If FSU and Miami eventually move to the Big12, then the Champions Bowl (between the SEC and Big12) and the Rose Bowl (between the Pac12 and Big10) will be semifinal games leading to a completely UNfair mock championship game – keeping out more “have-not” teams within the FBS (formerly Division I-A) before the season even starts than ever before.


With the existing and ever-growing gap between the elite schools and the excluded institutions, the lesser programs have virtually NO incentive to compete. As recently reported (after the announcement of the proposed BCS 4-team p-word), the BCS conferences are claiming that they will be able to substitute a team within a particular BCS-related conference [regardless of ranking] into the Rose, Champions, and/or Orange Bowls when a team from that same BCS-related conference is slotted for the 4-team mock playoff.

In short, if the four-team bracket seemed to exclude Cinderellas like Boise State, Houston and others, then this clause, buried among other seemingly more newsworthy events, could virtually wipe every team not in one of the Top 4 or 5 conferences completely out of postseason relevance.

After the announcement of their proposed 4-team p-word, the BCS Executive Director said: “I think you are going to have to play a good schedule in order to make it into our playoff”.
[Why don’t they just come right and say that you cannot get into their postseason games that matter without being in one of their “very special” conferences? Just another clear violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act – and I do emphasize that this is ANOTHER of a long list of BCS violations]

With even more disparity than before, how will this affect a team like the one-loss Nevada team in 2010? The Wolf Pack finished 15th in the BCS. Fifteenth! Such a non-BCS team did not get a chance before, and will have less of a chance with the proposed new BCS scandal (4-team p-word).


If you are not a supporter of the BCS and you believe that the BCS should not be running a college football postseason (much like we would not want the craziest person at an asylum to be the asylum’s Executive Director), then we are on the same side!

Together, we ( and you) truly can bring to fruition the most influential annual sporting event … in the world … a FAIR college football playoff! Why is this important? Because, literally every educated American fan wants a FAIR college football playoff!

You may be asking yourself: where are the funny parts of this story? Well, literally all of the encounters with the BCS and NCAA and their supporters are ridiculously comical – mainly because these greedy and grumpy old men run from a punk like me like roaches when you turn the kitchen light on. At any rate, it doesn’t matter if you consider these people roaches or parasites or mice, not one of them has been hu-MAN enough to disclose that there is a relevant patent and reasonable solutions for a FAIR college football playoff that benefits everyone.


The Chair of the Oversight Committee said that “a 4-team playoff does not go too far – it goes just the right amount”.
[Yeah, for the BCS administrators only, but not for anyone else - let us no longer accept blatant lies from persons acting like 5 year-old brats]

So, the Presidential Oversight Committee has made another inappropriate decision. By the way, the definition of ‘oversight’ is: not focusing the mind on a matter; omission; error. Quite frankly, I will not accept what the Presidential Error Committee decides; and, if you care about doing the right thing and college football in general, you will not accept their decisions either.

Winston Churchill once said that if you are going through hell, then keep going – thus, I will always keep going.


Please do not dismiss the fact that the BCS is planning a set of 12-year contracts to hold off any near-term push for expansion of a college football playoff of any sort with more than 4 teams. “We're really locked into a structure for 12 years, and I think that's probably a pretty good thing," Duke's Athletic Director Kevin White recently said.
[By the way, meaningless and anticompetitive contracts are actually a non-issue; but more importantly, Mouse White’s comments, to me, reveal only that he truly does not care for the concerns and desires of the fans and the academic institutions and the student-athletes]

Herman Edwards, former NFL Coach, said that the 3 keys to success were the following:
1) Have confidence: in your goals - shoot for the moon
2) Show passion: and never lose the kid in you
3) Make an effort: and ask for appropriate opportunities
    … if “they” do not give you an opportunity, then shame on them!

It is shameful that certain administrators, members of the media, and U.S Representatives have become a part of the problem rather than align themselves with a respectful solution.

Obviously, part of being a college football fan has been, unfortunately, the corruption of the BCS and their supporters – this must and can stop without delay! Just spread the word about Personally, I believe we are but one national interview away from forever booting the BCS and their supporters into oblivion.


The most compassionate people are those knowing defeat, suffering, struggle, loss, and yet continue with hope and faith; finding their way out of the depths – that is our story!

My individual perspective is that this country was founded on blood sacrifices so that we could have freedom of speech and freedom of the press and other birthrights, regardless of how much money an individual has at his or her disposal. Democracy is certainly not defined as our present bureaucratic systems which ordain that one needs significant resources in order to formulate change. Reality, however, dictates that we need help: resources as well as an influential opportunity to tell this story.

Therefore, if you want a FAIR college football playoff: a playoff with the highest level of competition, a playoff with opportunity for every participant (sounds reasonable), that annual sporting event that 99.9% of all concerned fans so much desire, and you don’t mind helping a few people in need along the way; then please reach out to help us – help do the right thing by supplanting the power of the BCS so that we may implement the most spectacular annual sporting event in the world: the one and only … a FAIR playoff for college football!


The one group which has stood by throughout this process has been the FANS. They continue to write, support and plead for a FAIR college football playoff.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".
~ Edmund Burke

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