Who Supports a Div. IA College Football Playoff?


The pulse of America clearly resonates with a desire for a. IA  playoff.  University administrators, student-athletes, sportswriters, coaches, and, of course … the fans - all demand a college football playoff!  But a pertinent question is:  to what extent is the desire for a playoff? 

Brace yourself!

·        Research indicates that more than 4 out of 5 fans want a playoff; and practically 9 out of 10 student-athletes believe a playoff is necessary.

·        In a July 2000 survey of Div. IA Administrators, the results show overwhelming support for a college football playoff:


% In Favor of Playoff

Random Yes Votes



UCLA, Oklahoma



Kansas State, West Virginia, Marshall

Athletic Directors


Texas, Miami, Alabama, Oregon

·         The Chronicle of Higher Education   9/19/97             Some Athletic Administrators Fear That Too Much Power is being Centralized in a Few Conferences

In 1993, the NCAA authorized a committee, which included Cedric Dempsey (President of NCAA), which studied the bowl games, television ratings, success of the Final Four tournament … it’s report presented the case for a (Div. IA football) playoff in highly favorable terms.  

July 24, 2000          -  Les Robinson, North Carolina State University Director of Athletics

“I have studied (the subject of a college football playoff) for two years

and find no valid reason why there should not be a play-off.”

·         The Chronicle of Higher Education   9/1/93 Walt Disney Company Aims for College-Football

The Walt Disney Company would like to work its magic to make the dream of a college football playoff come true.  The Disneyland Classic, as it would be called …

16 Jul 2000        University N. Texas Athletic Director     “The future of college athletics may well rest on the decision to have a college football playoff where all Div. IA programs are included.”

17 Jul 2000        UNLV President     ”As one who has long fought the notion of a playoff in football, I am now of the mind that we must have one if we are to allow all Division I teams the legitimate opportunity to play their way into a championship; fairness and some ostensible attempt to be equitable supports this conclusion, I believe.” 

·         Online Athens  1/4/98          Excerpts of article by Richard Rosenblatt – Associated Press

“In an effort to focus on a championship game, we’re putting all the other bowls in a negative position,” Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese said.  “It’s like being half pregnant.  Either have a playoff or stop worrying about a 1-2 game.”  Big 12 commissioner Steve Hatchell knows the new system isn’t perfect, either.  “It’s clear it doesn’t answer all the questions.  The super alliance is the third in a progression.  Everyone would like to have a sorting out, have it resolved on the field.”  Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne says, “I have respect for both polls.  It’s just sad we’re still dealing with polls.  You wish there was a playoff.”  Coaches such as Penn State’s Joe Paterno and Florida’s Steve Spurrier would like to see a playoff, while Washington State’s Mike Price figures it’s bound to happen sooner or later. 


18 Jul 2000        Toledo AD     “The reasons stated by the Div. I Commissioners for NOT going to a playoff are self-serving and can all be traced to the fact that the NCAA would control the playoffs as opposed to the Commissioners, who totally control the bowl setup now. Talk about political.”


25 Jul 2000        Univ. California Berkeley Head Football Coach     “I am all for a playoff system. It would generate revenue for schools, bring more excitement to the post season and eliminate the current sub-par system.”


17 Jul 2000        BYU AD     “I would enthusiastically support a college football playoff. I can think of no good reason why there currently is no playoff other than simple greed by conferences that currently are getting all the money. They do not want to share it. Most of the traditional arguments in favor of the current bowl structure are shallow.”


·   12/3/99                               A Swiss-based marketing company, ISL, puts forth a $3.006 billion proposal promoting a college football playoff.


22 Jul 2000        UTEP President     “I definitely believe that a playoff in Division I college football is a step in the right direction. It has worked well for basketball, and could be the same for football. It would certainly be a more equitable approach than the current Bowl Alliance.”


·                                         “I’m not here to say there will never be a college football playoff,” Bowl Championship Series coordinator Roy Kramer told the Associated Press.  “But I don’t believe it will be run by someone in Switzerland.”

17 Jul 2000        Kansas State AD     “Yes, a playoff is most desirable and we would support it. Many opinions will be expressed as to why not to have a playoff, but the balance of considerations definitely supports a playoff.”

20 Jul 2000 Marshall AD “I would say yes to a play-off system for Div. IA football for the primary reason of truly identifying a champion, as currently done in all other sports.”

·         The Chronicle of Higher Education        2/12/92

Sports officials at the Cotton, Fiesta, Orange, and Sugar Bowls; Atlantic Coast, Big East, Big Eight, Southeastern, and Southwest Athletic Conferences; and Notre Dame – concluded that a new system was needed because increasingly vocal calls for the creation of a playoff system, especially from fans and sports.


17 Jul 2000 Univ. of New Mexico AD “Yes, the Univ. of New Mexico would support a Div. IA Football Playoff.  There are no valid reasons why there should not be a playoff.  Currently, it is a big money maker for a few select conferences.”


·         The Chronicle of Higher Education   5/19/93       Nike to Pump Millions Into College Football

Nike and the Creative Artist Agency proposes $105 million post-season college football playoff.


03 Aug 2000 San Diego State Univ. AD “Yes, there should be a Div. I College Football Playoff and in fact, it is wrong not to have one.”

·   7/17/00                       Committee recommends in-depth study of college football

The Division I Football Issues Committee is recommending that the Association conduct a comprehensive study of college football, especially revenue-distribution opportunities that could be generated from various alternative postseason models, and review the overall structure of college football to determine if it provides the highest quality of postseason participation.

  President and Athletic Director survey results include no response from Big Ten and Pac 10



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