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Starting from the day after Thanksgiving through and counting New Years Day, there are a minimum of 34 days to a maximum of 40 days.  This variable period will be referred to as the 5 week postseason where any games played will be toward the end of said week.  This championship bracket will be 4 rounds.  Each round will be played at a different site, such as the current major bowls Fiesta, Orange, Rose, and Sugar.  On a rotating basis, each site will host a different round within a 4-year period.  [For example, the Fiesta bowl could host round #3 in 2001, host round #1 in 2002, host round #4 in 2003, and host round #2 in 2004, etc.; where each particular site hosts either the final four or the championship game every other year]

The top 4 seeds in the first round have a bye.  There are 4 games to be played at the same site during the first round.  Two games will be played on Friday (8 days after Thanksgiving), with an appropriate intermission between games.  Similarly, 2 games will be played on Saturday, the next day.  After these games, 8 teams remain. Round two is exactly one week later at a new site.  Like round one, 2 games are played on Friday and 2 games are played on Saturday.  After these games, 4 teams remain.  Round 3 is again exactly one week later and, of course, at a new major site.  One game is to be played on Friday and the other game is played on Saturday, the next day.

Now there are only 2 teams remaining.  These teams will have the next week off, which includes Christmas day.  This allows not only extra time to the two teams vying for the championship for family, preparation, or rest; but also increased media exposure and fan anticipation.  At a new site, the championship game will be played on New Years Day!

In the above described arrangement, there are varying positives in abundance.  For the first two rounds, 4 games in 2 days at the same site would be a wonderful and new experience for a city, especially the fans, and perhaps everyone except the groundskeepers.  Round 3 is the final four, and then round 4 is the championship.  Each round holds great and unique appeal.


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