Who Runs IA?


Who Currently Runs Div. IA College Football and NCAA Athletics?


·         The Chronicle of Higher Education  8-6-99    Can (Big $) Persuade Colleges to Create a  Playoff?

The Big Ten’s Council of Presidents voted unanimously against even discussing a playoff proposal, as did the PAC 10’s Board of Directors.

[Minds are like parachutes – not much good unless they are open]

Conference Commissioner’s comment:

“A playoff would focus too much of fans’ attention on the postseason”

[Here’s another way to word the above commissioners statement: 

‘You know why we don’t like the Super Bowl – it’s just too damn good’]


·         The Chronicle of Higher Education 12-16-92 Championship Game Foretaste to National Playoff

The first-ever Southeastern Conference championship game will command a take which may be as much as $8 million - a sum the SEC does not have to share with anyone.  To facilitate it’s championship game, the SEC called on a little-known NCAA rule passed in 1987 to allow a Division II conference to hold a football playoff without counting the game against limits on the maximum number of contests.  The rule was not intended for Division I conferences. 

[This is absolutely mind-boggling!  In fact, it is so ludicrous, it’s hilarious.  Roy Kramer has adamantly been opposed to a Div. IA college football playoff, and yet his conference forges ahead into a conference PLAYOFF - a playoff where they are not required to share any revenues.  Even more important is the fact, which is entirely hypocritical, that his conference did whatever it took to institute this conference playoff – finding a loophole in the system so as to benefit personal agendas.  In retrospect, 1992 would be a year to remember as but a prelude of recurring themes among those in control of Div. IA college football: INCONSISTENCY and GREED!]


·         USA Today   12-31-99       Bowls make rich schools richer

Schools in (only) the six major conferences figure to pull in just under 94% of the total $144.6 million paid out by 23 bowls this season.

“If you didn’t have this system, those same teams would be in those bowls anyway,” states SEC Commissioner and BCS chairman Roy Kramer.

[There really is no need to pay to be entertained at comedy clubs

 any longer – just sit back, listen to Roy Kramer, and bust a gut]


·         The Sporting News      1-10-94

The new guy’s ready for work: NCAA executive director Cedric  Dempsey interview

Q:         Some people believe a Division IA football playoff could offset some of the financial burdens in the membership.  In your remarks when you accepted the job, you said something to the effect that we ought to be examining a playoff on a continual basis, but that it wasn’t a priority.  Why is it not necessarily a priority?

A:         It is the only sport in any division in which we don’t have a championship.  We’ve been able to educationally justify 79 other championships.  A Division IA championship might create a perception of overemphasis, but what is erroneous about that perception is that the football athletes at most institutions miss less class than athletes in other sports.  As I did say at the press conference, we need to continue to look at the playoff from a financial perspective.  Another issue that has to be resolved is the distribution of revenues from a IA championship.  Another factor to consider would be the impact on the present bowl system.


·  12-25-99        Kramer’s genius is that a playoff is coming

I think Roy Kramer is a genius.

College football’s self-appointed czar has taken a lot of criticism with his use of quartiles and letting anyone with a computer and no life participate in the power rankings for the Bowl Championship Series.  He has been snickered at and snarled at.  He has made gruff and impersonal comments at reporters who dare to question his system.  His patented response to critics – “At least people are talking about college football” – has been ridiculed as inane and naïve.  He is viewed, inaccurately, as the man standing between us and a college football playoff system. 

But I think I finally figured it out: The man is a genius.

He’s playing our game and we playoff proponents don’t even know it.  Don’t you see?  It’s starting to make sense now.  The architect of the system that gives us a national championship game while preserving the bowl structure is actually tearing down the bowl games in small pieces.  Here is how the Kramer System works:

Build your championship game up so much that the other bowls don’t matter.  Interest and fan support will wane and soon the bowl kings themselves will be clamoring for a playoff system. 

Wait until someone not from Switzerland puts up the kind of money necessary to make it work, say, oh, NBC, which is without the NFL and stuck with a Notre Dame TV package.  Next, make Notre Dame bad and get the Irish put on probation.  (How he did this we’ll never know.  Genius, I tell you).

Step to the podium and say, “Gentlemen, here is your college football playoff system.”

I contacted the SEC office to see if this really is Kramer’s master plan.  It was neither confirmed nor denied.  Actually, it was met with silence, then loud laughter.  You look around the country and you see fans of UF and Tennessee and Southern Miss and other schools saying thanks, but no thanks to their team’s bowl games.  Tennessee is eating 7,000 tickets for the Fiesta.  Why?  Because their fans went there last year and this time it’s just for fun.  Florida will eat thousands of Citrus Bowl tickets.  Other schools are struggling to sell tickets.  Miami has sold only a handful of tickets to the Gator Bowl.

The bowls will crumble, then resurrect themselves as part of the system.  Everybody talks about bowl tradition, yet next year we’ll have three dot-com bowls.  You’ll be able to get your bowl game moved to New Year’s  Day by using the internet. 

I want a playoff.  So does Roy Kramer.  He just doesn’t know it.


·         Pensacola News Journal   6/2000    College Football Playoffs not in Picture

“The presidents in college football are not apt to go to a playoff anytime down the road,” said John Swofford, the Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner and new chairman of the Bowl Championship Series.

[It is possible that in Mr. Swofford’s dreams the University Presidents state they do not want a playoff, but in REALITY the University Presidents DO want a playoff, as well as everyone else on the planet outside of the conference commissioners]

“To clarify some debate, it was always extremely unlikely that the equity conferences (major) were going to take this post-season football anywhere but the BCS,” said Swofford.  “Simply because of the contractual agreements the Big 10 and PAC 10 have with the Rose Bowl.  All of us in the equity conferences believe the BCS has worked.”

[The ugly pattern of GREED and INCONSISTENCY continues, only now they are calling themselves of “equity” - we understand completely DICTATOR Swofford]


·         USA Today  8-4-00         I-A Football Takes Issue

Division I-A conference commissioners, in a sharply worded letter(against even reviewing a Division I-A college football playoff) from Conference USA’s Mike Slive, who heads the I-A commissioners, sent the letter to NCAA President Cedric Dempsey.  Dempsey admitted the letter was “strongly stated” but insisted an NCAA study would be proper: “Football is still an NCAA sport, and we have a responsibility as it relates to academic standards, the number of games and in certifying bowls.  We have a role.”

[It is time for an outside force to step in alongside the NCAA and take control of this situation so that everyone may benefit from a playoff, as opposed to the conference commissioners controlling the matter to the sole benefit of themselves.  How the NCAA or other relevant parties have been ignored by the conference commissioners to this point is incomprehensible.  And when the BCS chairman or conference commissioners state that “THE NCAA HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH NCAA FOOTBALL” – and they do state this, and in fact, to us directly – they may have fooled others including themselves, but we at 3mSports emphatically declare “Do not insult our intelligence!”  The time of the conference commissioners running Div. IA is coming to a close … but we do say ‘thank you’ for your efforts, and enjoy your retirement!]

As the NCAA ponders the structure of college football – the question emerging isn’t so much what should be done (implement a Div. IA college football playoff), but who should do it.

[It is true that there is no power like the power of an idea whose time has come – especially when making an effort to simply do the right thing and educate the public to the truth; provide the flawless systems and rights to a Div. IA college football playoff; and give back to the fans]

Who should contribute to the implementation of a playoff?


… the future of sports!]



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